E-Star in Education is a powerful and exciting digital resource. The programs for the 2014-2015 school year are listed below by the month they will be made available. Each program will be posted in PDF format throughout the school year. Once posted, the majority are archived and available for the entire school year for you to access at your convenience. All are FREE to teachers and students.
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August - These wonderful stories teach lessons about other cultures and about great writing. This supplement has lots of stories for students to read and enjoy. 


August - January - Pigskin Geography (grades 5-12) and Pigskin, Jr. (grades 2-4) - Students enjoy learning U.S. geography as they follow NFL football teams all season in E-Star the electronic edition of The Kansas City Star. Weekly quizzes grow students’ knowledge of physical landmarks and map legends. Pigskin Playoffs follows post-season play leading to the Super Bowl. Teacher’s guides are included.


August - November - Magic Dinner Table by Deborah Drezon Carrol - This family friendly adventure tale entertains as it educates readers about the importance of the family dinner. It's a wonderul story about a family that travels through time and space once they begin having dinner together. Along the way they meet incrediably interesting people like Franz Kalka and George

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September - The Power and the Glory, The Constitution - The  government has mandated that all schools receiving federal funds must teach about the Constitution every year on September 17. Teachers will love this stunning 12-page tabloid when they see how easy we have made it for them to comply with the mandate!


September - December - The Iliad - This wonderful and classic tale has it all—conflict and resolution, bullying and bravado, internal conflict, lessons in humanities, a wonderful literary learning unit, and much more.


October - Drugs - Recognize Red Ribbon Week in October with a unique perspective on drugs and decisions young people face. Look at the truth about drugs and the consequences that can result from poor choices. This section won the 2005 SNPA award for Best New Product for Middle School.


November - American Indian Readers Theater - Readers Theater is an oral interpretation of a script rather than a play with elaborate staging. Reading these little plays aloud helps students improve reading skills and learn about American Indians.


December - The Season of Holidays - A multi-cultural celebration of celebrations! Students will gain an appreciation of the history and traditions of various annual festivals. Included are Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Feast of Three Kings, the January 1st New Year holiday as well as the New Year observances of the Chinese, Muslim and Hindu people.


January - Immigration: The Story of America's People - The different people that have come to America throughout history have blended together to form the country. And still they come. Immigration is the backbone of this nation. This section will povide background information on who cae, when they came, rom wherethey came, and why they came. The supplement also addresses

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January - Sports Mania: A world of Science and Math - Take a scientific and mathematical journey through the world of baseball, football, basketbal and hockey. Students will find out what makes a curve ball curve, how goalies make saves, why basketball statsics are important, and so much more.


February - Reflections of African American Writers - Words have helped change the way African Americans see themselves and how others see them. The excerpts and learning activities in this inspiring supplement speak of family, home, school and other heritage themes. Excerpts include prose and poetry of Langston Hughes, Tom Morrison, Earnest Gaines, Nikki Glovanni and more.


February - Random Acts of Kindness - Built around exceprts from, "Kid's Random Acts of Kindness," it encourages students to share their ideas about kindness and fosters camaraderie.


February - April - The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham - This non-fiction serial story is based on a book, "The Life of Abraham Lincoln." The book was first published in 1901 so the author was able to interview people who knew Lincoln. It's a unique approach because it offers an insight into young Lincoln and the life

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March - E-Editions: Learning with Online Newspapers - This supplement provides basic skill activities in language arts and math. It's chock full of activities that ingegrate learning with E-Star.


March - The Triumphant Spirit: Holocaust - Compeling, poignant stories and photographs of Holocaust survivors. This supplement has excerpts from the award-winning book of the same title as well as a page of SIE activities to help students understand some of the complex issues. It also includes a historical overview and timeline of events.


March - March Mania - This favorite is loaded with geography, math/statistics, history and character enrichment material. Kids have a blast learning while following the nation’s top college basketball teams as they progress through the NCAA Tournament.


April As the World Warms -  Global warming continues to be a hot topic and this full-color section explains the science behind the climate change. It also provides learning activities connecting the theme to the latest news.


April - Natural Disasters: The Science & Geography Behind the Events - Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes! Nothing is more fascinating than a natural phenomenon. Why do they happen? What are the causes? Where are they likely to occure? How so humans react? This supplement takes an in-depth look at natural disasters and relates them to the five thems of geography.


May - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...It's All Small Stuff - This top selling book helping people deal with stress and enjoy their lives comes to SIE. The supplement includes some of the essays fromthe book with anaylsis and exmamples kids can relate to. There are activities appropriate to the theme of the essay. The forward is an interview with

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June - Study Skill Builders - When students learn to study smarter, learning comes easier and test scores soar. This supplement offers study skill strategies to help students learn how to study and ace exams.


August - July - Kid Scoop News - A monthly online tabloid for students grades 2 through 8. Each month is packed with pencil-grabbing games, brain teasers and showcases student writing and artwork.


August - July - Hot Topics - The Hot Topic content guides Language Arts (LA), Math (M), Science (S) and Social Studies (SS) include printable activity sheets.