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Below is a sampling of the many special programs and supplements that will be posted in PDF format throughout the school year. Once posted, the majority are archived and available for the entire school year for you to access at your convenience. All are FREE to teachers and students with your sponsored subscription. Log In To Access the Programs and Supplements

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August - Read, Write, Relate...Communicate! - Having excellent communication skills enables students to do well on standardized tests and to go on to successful careers later in life. When you can read and write well, you can speak articulately and communicate clearly. The exercises in this section use E-Star to help students hone these valuable skills.

August - January - Pigskin Geography (grades 5-12) and Pigskin, Jr. (grades 2-4) - Students enjoy learning U.S. geography as they follow NFL football teams all season in E-Star the electronic edition of The Kansas City Star. Weekly worksheets grow students’ knowledge of physical landmarks and map legends. Pigskin Playoffs follows post-season play leading to the Super Bowl for both groups. Teacher’s guides are included.

August - October - All in Good Time by Jane Kendall - Eddie is a young boy who is not interested in learning history. That is until his teacher gives him a magical subway token that enables Eddie to time travel back to the 1930s where he learns that history is not just dull dates on a page, but rather, the people and events that color our lives.
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