Media in Education is a powerful and exciting digital resource providing FREE educational programs to participating teachers and students. The programs for the 2015-2016 school year are listed below along with the program availability.  Pigskin Geography, Pigskin, Jr., Kids Scoop News and the serial stories will be posted in PDF format throughout the school year. Once posted, the programs are archived and available for the entire school year for you to access at your convenience.

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Weekly Lessons can be accessed from the Weekly Lessons icon at the bottom of the page.


August - January - Pigskin Geography (Grades 5-12) - Discover how you can use this 17-week program to get students EXCITED about geography. Students enjoy learning U.S. geography by tracking the travels of competing NFL teams all season using the E-Edition of your area newspaper. Students do not need to know the rules of football to enjoy this educational challenge.

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August - December - Pigskin, Jr (Grades 2-4) - Learning about geography is fun with Pigskin, Jr! The program follows the NFL teams as they travel across the United States to their destination cities. Students do not have to know anything about football or the rules to participate in these weekly learning activities. A teacher's guide is included with the

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August - October - The Robyn Report: The Nutty Neighborhood Block Party - Robyn and her intrepid reporters set out to cover the neighborhood block party so they can write about it for that week's edition of their newspaper, The Robyn Report. They encounter a series of wild and wacky mysteries that go on throughout the fun-flled and action

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September - November - Made from Scratch - Kentucky’s two favorite canines are at it again! In the upcoming 2015 NIE Fall Serial Story Made from Scratch, Woody and Chloe attend a neighborhood auction, where Woody purchases a disco ball. Unsure what a disco ball is, the pups decide to do some research. Not only do they learn the disco

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October - December - The Fight for Fort Hatteras - This eight-chapter story takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It follows two young girls and their friends as they learn about the Civil War, its causes and a battle that took place in their community. This story comes with a teacher's guide linked to Common

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January - February - Hurricane - This eight-chapter story takes place in Nags Head, North Carolina. It follows two young girls and their friends as they prepare for a hurricane that's about to hit their community. Hurricane comes with a teacher's guide linked to Common Core State Standards. 


January - May - Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire The Lemonade Escapade - The 14-chapter serial story gives students an easy to understand concept to the importance of earning, spending, saving and investing, while exposing them to the concepts of entrepreneurship, overcoming obstacles and following their dreams. 


January - April -  Night at the Capitola new 13-chapter serialized story from Missouri Press. The story is part of the Missouri Press 2016 Reading Across Missouri story.

"Night at the Capitol" is an adventure that begins when 11-year-old Charlie, bored with life in Missouri and the class field trip he's on at the Missouri State Capitol, stumbles upon characters from the past and helps save the night by tracking down a state treasure. Soldiers, Native Americans, outlaws, statesmen, authors and entertainers are the cast of characters in this overnight trip through time. 

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August - July - Kid Scoop News - A monthly online tabloid for students grades 2 through 8. Each month is packed with pencil-grabbing games, brain teasers and showcases student writing and artwork. There are a set of weekly Kid Scoop activity pages in addition to the monthly Kid Scoop News. Each set of activity pages features a high-interest theme with

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August - July - Weekly Lessons - All lessons are designed to be used directly with your E-Edition as a 'living textbook' in the classroom. The multiple lesson options are targeted to middle and upper grade levels and are excellent interactive tools designed to meet core curriculum learning objectives. 

A description of each of the weekly lessons are listed below.


Each lesson starts with a map for students to find the world region beingn discussed. Five questions are presented in an interactive format to test student's knowledge of world geography, with instant scoring and correct answers provided. Teachers can also get a printer friendly version of each week's quiz.


Explore the hottest news topic of the week with "Talking Points," a related video and a series of three "Get out Your E-Edition" action points.


A joint partnership with The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists to provide lesson plans based on political cartoons. Each week a new set of pdf files are posted for teachers to download and print out for thier classes. One page is a lesson on a specific topic; the other is a blank cartoon on that topic for students

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A set of three lesson plans targeted for specific grade levels: K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. Each set consists of five activities for using the E-Edition in the classroom.


Updated daily with two-minute sound portraits of Planet Earth. Tracking the rhythms of nature, culture and science worldwide, blending interviews with extraordinary natural sounds.


An interactive vocabulary quiz with middle school and high school versions. The vocabulary word is based on a new word from a current news story is featured weekly. Teachers can create 5, 10 or 20 question quizzes that can be taken online or printed. Multiple-choice format allows for words to be matched to the correct definition or the definition

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Weekly lists covering diversity, multiculturalism and worldwide events.


A weekly video regarding a current issue in the news, complete with discussion points.


Lessons and activities designed to introduce students to life science, wildlife biology, scientific identification and observation. All lesson plans are aligned to National Science Education Standards and categorized by grade level.


An exclusive relationship with NBC News, NBC Learn, provides access to high quality, professionally produced video and audio series to bring STEM resources to MIE.